Get Your First 10,000 Followers in Less Than Sixty Days

Getting your first 10,000 followers or more is a lot easier than you ever imagined. According to Erik DeSando, who built the careers of Eva Longoria, Mario Lopez, George Lopez, Meghan Markle and many others, “Social media makes it possible to attract an audience without having a job, without being on a series, starring in a movie, being in a play or even in a TV commercial without an agent.” Learning how to be an influencer and how to build influencer engagement is a skill anyone can learn, similar to acting or modeling. DeSando’s newest venture teaches 18 to 35-year-olds how to make their dreams come true as a fashion influencer, fitness guru, model, singer or actor using only their cell phone. “Interesting content is the key to success today. Post photos every day. Create video content every day. It might not be interesting at first, but like anything else, the more you practice it, the better you’ll get,” explains DeSando. According to DeSando, “Pick your top three to five social media followers that you would like to emulate. Create posts like hers and invite that social media model’s avatars to visit your site. This will help you build followers quickly and learn to attract and hold the interest of followers, copying others until you discover your own unique style,” explains Erik DeSando, former Hollywood agent and Identity Talent Agency founder. Get out and shoot in every environment you can think of, suggests DeSando. If you’re in tip top shape, DeSando recommends bikini modeling. If you’re a plus size, wear your best clothes and take catalog shots. If you are in to health and fitness take fit model shots of you exercising, running and lifting weights. For examples look at catalogs, magazines and your favorite social media models for ideas on posing, lighting and what to wear. Social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest make it possible to reach an audience of hundreds of millions using only your Smartphone with its built-in camera and video recorder. Among DeSando’s clients are many young people who have turned their dreams into reality. Following DeSando’s principles of success almost anyone can gain followers quickly. For example, in two months DeSando can teach you how to attract over 10,000 followers and up to 100,000 in less than one year. Some of his clients have a million or more followers. “Figure about a dollar per follower per year is what you can earn once you reach 50,000 followers or more,” claims DeSando. DeSando tells his young clients this is the best time to be an artist because you don’t need a patron, you don’t need an agent, you don’t need a boyfriend who is a producer. All you need is the ability to take photos and talk about your dreams. Twenty years from now DeSando warns social media will be crowded and controlled by media companies. His advice: Start your social media– Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube channel—today and keep on posting until you achieve the success you dream of. Erik DeSando is the founder of CII, Celebrity Inluencers.
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