How To Be An Influencer in Five Easy Steps

Hollywood, CA – According to CII, a Beverly Hills-based company that specializes in handling celebrity influencers, there are five pillars to success when starting out on a career as a social media influencer. Pillar #1: Find the top celebrity influencers in the field you wish to pursue, i.e., modeling, acting, singing, fashion, etc. Study the posts, videos and photos your favorite celebrity influencers create. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so use their most popular posts as a guide for creating your original posts. Your platform should resemble theirs. Pillar #2: Always comment on the celebrities you follow. Also comment on other people’s comments. If the celebrity you’re following or the people who are following that celebrity like what you write, they may check out your social media and begin following you. Always invite anyone who comes to your site to comment on what you have posted whether their comment is good or bad. Controversy is a great way to gain followers, so don’t be afraid to be critical of the most accomplished social media influencers. Free speech exists everywhere in our country, especially on the internet. Pillar #3: Post from the heart, not for the wallet. It will take you up to a year or longer before you have enough followers to monetize. So when you post, post what you believe in your heart. Your audience will respect you for your beliefs and crucify you if you post only for profit. If you sell too soon or too often –even if you believe that your products are great products—you will be seen as a shil for the products you represent. Build slowly. Build steadily. Be a friend to your followers and your followers will be a friend to you.

Pillar #4: Be consistent. If you don’t post often your followers will stop looking in on you to see what’s new. Even if there isn’t much going on in your life, you need to learn to create something out of nothing. Talk about your mom. Talk about friendship. Talk about love. Talk about a book you just read. Just keep talking. The more you post the easier it gets. Practice makes perfect. Pillar #5: Become an expert. When most social media influencers begin their career they are usually not an expert in their field of choice—beauty, fashion, modeling, fitness, acting, etc. In order to gain respectas you post, it is your responsibility to learn more about your craft. Actors never stop taking acting classes. Prima ballerinas go to class almost every day. Musicians practice hours every day. You are no exception. Read your fashion magazines if you’re going to be a fashion blogger. Visit every make up counter and learn about every product on that counter if you’re going to be a beauty expert. The more you learn, the easier it will become to speak and write about your field of interest…and knowledge shows. According to CII founder and talent agency veteran Erik DeSando, learning how to be an influencer and how to build influencer engagement is a skill anyone can learn, similar to acting or modeling. DeSando’s newest venture teaches 18 to 35-year-olds how to make their dreams come true as a fashion influencer, fitness guru, model, singer or actor using only their cell phone. ?Interesting content is the key to success today. Post photos every day. Create video content every day. It might not be interesting at first, but like anything else, the more you practice it, the better you’ll get,? explains DeSando. Among DeSando’s clients are many young people who have turned their dreams into reality. Following DeSando’s keys to success almost anyone can gain followers quickly. For example, in two months DeSando can teach you how to attract over 10,000 followers and up to 100,000 in less than one year. Some of his clients have a million or more followers. ?Figure about a dollar per follower per year is what you can earn once you reach 50,000 followers or more,? claims DeSando.

Erik DeSando is the founder of CII, Celebrity Inluencers.


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